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wet etch cleaner
12'' wet bench

12''  single wafer cleaner
equipment model :
equipment type :cassette-type & cassetteless-type
wafer size :300mm
configuration :8~12 baths,2~6 robots according to the demand

megasonic /ultrasonic

bath over-temperature protection, equipped with leak leak protection

multi-level wafer protection

c.c.s.s or l.c.s.s supply

automatic supply and support multiple concentration ratio

advanced marangoni dry

temperature control, concentration control, flow control, pressure control

chemical/diw recycle & drain
relibility :uptime≥95%           breakage≤1/100000

mtbf≥650 hours    mttr≤3 hours       
software control :pc plc gui, support schedule, eap,fdc etc

equipment model
wafer size300mm
chamber4~24 chambersaccording to the demand

vacuum or grip

4~5 dispensers2~3 chemicals

exhaust separation: acid, alkali, organic drain separation etch chemical
e f e m   :2 or 4 smif/foup, 1 index robot, 1or 2 wtr
chemical supplyc.c.s.s or l.c.s.s supply

circulation pump

heating control, concentration control, flow control, pressure control

chemical / diw, drain & recycle
configurationlonrizer / o3 / hd camera
relibilityuptime≥95%           breakage≤1/100000

mtbf≥500 hours    mttr≤3 hours       
software controlpc plc gui, support eap, fdc etc

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