asia electronics technology is a wet process equipment company in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry, which focuses on wafer front-end wet etching and cleaning technology. we are one of the leading companies to promote the localization of semiconductor advanced equipment in china. we have set up r&d centers in wuxi, jiangsu, and overseas. as a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, we have applied invention patents for the core technologies and our core products including 8"and 12" bench/single wet etching cleaning tool. we are committed to providing customers with more competitive products and services through diversified and personalized solutions.

to better serve our customer, we have service teams in china's major cities.

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core values

provide customer with more competitive products and services

to be the leading semiconductor wet process equipment provider in china

product-centic: concentration , quality , cost , perfection , fast

customer first: quick response, problem solving, customer oriented, and win customer trust

teamwork: be practical and realistic , integrity , dedication, mutual respect and trust

delivery mission: fighting , never give up , and fast execution

equipment model :
equipment type :cassette less/type
wafer size :300mm
configuration :8~12 baths,2~6 robots according to the demand

megasonic /ultrasonic

bath over-temperature protection, equipped with leak sensor

multi-level wafer protection

ccss or lcss supply

automatic supply and support multiple concentration ratio

advanced marangoni dry technology

temperature control, concentration control, flow control, pressure control

chemical/diw recycle & drain
reliability :uptime≥98%         breakage≤1/100000

mtbf≥650 hours    mttr≤3 hours       
software control :pc plc gui, support schedule, eap,fdc etc

single wafer cleaner
equipment model
wafer size300mm
chamber4~24 chambersaccording to the demand

vacuum or grip

4~5 dispensers2~3 chemicals

exhaust separation: acid, alkali, organic drain separation etch chemical
e f e m   :2 or 4 smif/foup, 1 index robot, 1or 2 wtr
chemical supplyccss or lcss supply

circulation pump

heating control, concentration control, flow control, pressure control

chemical / diw, drain & recycle
configurationionizer / o3 / hd camera
reliabilityuptime≥98%         breakage≤1/100000

mtbf≥500 hours    mttr≤3 hours       
software controlpc plc gui, support eap, fdc etc

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